Screen Printing Workshop

Screen printing is one of the most modern and long-history print making methods, which creates an image by hand pressing ink through a screen. The technique is used for both making fine art prints and commercial applications.

With self-invented portable exposure and printing kit, IdleBeats live workshop can take attendees with zero silkscreen experience through the whole printing process within 3 hours. From drawing artwork, exposing screens, pre-printing set-up till printing their own image on shirts, bags and posters!



<Schedule & Curriculum>

  1. Film Making –

create a silkscreen-friendly artwork on an A4 transparent film by painting with black marker and piecing together IdleBeats’ illustration elements.

  1. Screen Exposing –

Place the prepared film on top of a screen that’s coated with light-sensitive emulsion, put both in exposure kit to exposure.

  1. Screen Washing –

Wash the exposed screen with water gun and cleanser, keep washing until the image area on the film fully appears.

  1. Printing –

Set up the screen on printing base, mix color and start printing. One screen can be applied to different materials: art paper, tote bag or T-shirts. Place the paper or bags on drying rack after printing, it only takes few minutes to dry. The eco-friendly ink will stay on paper or fabric after drying and won’t be washed off afterwards.


<How to sign up>

  • How to apply : Click the sign up button and fill out the application.
  • Application date September 1st, 2015 (TUE) ~ September 11th, 2015 (FRI)
  • Participants announcement : September 15th (TUE) / Individually notified
  • Class capacity: 15 students


<Qualification to apply>

  • Interested in screen print and somewhat able to sketch.
  • Interested in subculture, street art, pop art.
  • Interested in creating a own screen print frame