Vans – Off the Wall Since ’66.

Vans, the original skateboarding footwear company, promotes innovative design in support of athletes on boards and bikes from all over the globe. Over the course of four decades, Vans’ checkerboard, waffle outsole and side-stripe patterns have come to represent this world-leading extreme sports footwear and apparel brand. Era, Authentic, Old Skool, Sk8-Hi and Classic Slip-On are all Vans’ classic styles for anyone looking for the timeless Southern California style.

The Van Doren Rubber Company was first opened in Anaheim, California in 1996. While kids in Southern California were searching high and low for sneakers that suited both skateboarding and windsurfing, Vans’ waffle outsole provides skaters with perfect floor grip and board control. Skaters around the world would carve “Vans” on their skateboards.

Over the last four decades, Vans has evolved from being just a skateboarding and windsurfing manufacturer. Inspired by the Southern California culture, Vans has grown to be a diversified and innovative fashion brand, whose design embraces modern fashion elements with Vans’ skateboarding roots and renowned Los Angeles punk elements. Vans products can be easily found in boutiques in Paris, Tokyo and New York. And because the Vans waffle outsole provides skaters with superior board control, you can easily spot them on skaters who are challenging the world’s most difficult skate bowls.